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The Autism Exchange (AEX)

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All autism caregivers know how frustrating it can be searching through the mountain of information required to help their loved ones affected by autism. There are special diets to consider, numerous educational methods to research, all kinds of therapies to evaluate, biomedical concerns to consider, and as children grow into adults, areas like jobs and housing must be assessed. In 2014, my wife and I (autism parents), set out to address this problem of endless late night searches. We talked to hundreds of parents and practitioners and asked what was important to them when they search and how do they search. Then we put together a small team and developed a software platform to handle the search issues and information overload that many parents face. It took 2 ½ years of hard work, but we were are happy to officially launch The Autism Exchange in 2017.  

The Mission of The Autism Exchange (AEX) is to save autism caregivers time and money every day. The AEX team developed a very unique software system that organizes, standardizes, and synchronizes all information which makes it easy to search and saves caregivers time. In addition, The AEX team developed several interactive tools (requested by parents) to help in other ways such as: an Exchange Box that allows for all users to share autism information, a Directory to quickly look up labs, compounding pharmacies, and many other tools as well. All information searches and interactive tools are completely free.

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