Fragile X in Children with Autism


Fragile X Syndrome (FXS), also known as Martin-Bell Syndrome, is a genetic disorder that does exhibit autistic-like behaviors such as poor eye contact, hand-flapping, hand-biting, poor sensory skills, behavioral problems, speech and language deficits and learning difficulties. Due to the many advances in science today, researchers and clinicians have a greater understanding of the differences and similarities between FXS and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

FXS is a specific identifiable condition with a known genetic cause and ASD is a cluster of symptoms with a possible variety of causes. Social interaction is a key deficit in ASD whereas intellectual function and hyperarousal/anxiety is the core deficit in FXS. Children with FXS want to have social interaction but their anxiety often prevents that, while children with ASD rarely seek out social interaction. FXS children demonstrate to have greater imitation skills than ASD children. Most behavioral issues in FXS are due to high anxiety and hyperarousal whereas with ASD the sources of behavioral problems can be multi-faceted and much more complex. Studies are ongoing to know further information about the overlap between FXS and ASD. Continuing research in this area will help parents, educators and clinicians distinguish the differences and similarities between FXS and ASD so that appropriate interventions can be implemented based upon individual needs and specific characteristics.

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