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Melatonin as a Nutritional Supplement in Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Sleep disorders are a common issue for with those autism spectrum disorders. While practicing good sleep hygiene (sleep habits) should be the primary means for addressing these issues, this approach alone may not be sufficient. In such cases, supplementation with melatonin can be considered.

Does Folate Play a Role in Autism?

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Folate is a B-Vitamin that is essential to many functions in the body. It directly affects inflammation and neurological function. Autistic children tend to have low folate levels. Specific genetic factors may impede folate levels in autistic children. Increased dietary intake and supplemental folate may be needed.

Top Nutrient Deficiencies Found in Our Children—What You Need to Know

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Today, we will explore what you need to know about the top nutrient deficiencies found in our children, including:  what the research has shown to be the most common deficiencies, how the deficiencies contribute to their symptoms, why these deficiencies exist, how you can find out if your child is deficient and what you can do to correct the vitamin, mineral, fatty acid, amino acid and mineral deficiencies in your child. The good news is, nutritional deficiencies that are impacting your child's ability to thrive can be corrected.