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TherapiesReflex TherapyCommunity Library The Masgutova Method of Neuro-Sensory-Motor and Reflex Integration: Key to Health, Development and Learning, S. Masgutova, Edited by S. Wenberg, M.A and M. Retschler M.Ed: Through her own research on over 3,000 children over the past 20 years in Russia, Poland, USA and Canada and her practical experience with more than 27,000 clients worldwide, Dr. Masgutova has expanded her conceptual understanding of these reflex phenomena and developed her own sensory-motor integration program.
TherapiesReflex TherapyCommunity Library Infantile Reflexes Gone Astray in Autism by Philip Teitelbaum,Osnat B. Teitelbaum, Joshua Fryman, and Ralph Maurer: In the cases presented in this paper plus others the authors hypothesize that movement disturbances in infants can be interpreted as reflexes gone astray and may be early indicators for a diagnosis of autism.
TherapiesReflex TherapyCommunity Library Primitive Reflexes: A Child in Constant Fight or Flight Mode: This article describes why some children may be in constant fight or flight mode.
TherapiesReflex TherapyCommunity Library Profound Help for SPD using Innate Movements for Brain and Sensory Development: Sensory processing issues often result from brain immaturity that can be remedied using specific innate rhythmic and reflex integration movements. Learn how innate rhythmic movements work and why they are a reliable way to build brain and sensory maturity. Featuring stunning "Before and After" examples and supporting research references.
TherapiesReflex TherapyCommunity Library Children Thrive with Neurodevelopmental Movement: What is Neurodevelopmental Movement (reflex integration and rhythmic movement)? How does it work? Read how and why these unique movements effectively build the foundation for a calm, mature brain and sensory foundation while also reducing anxiety and promoting function.