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TherapiesNeuro BiofeedbackCommunity Library QEEG-Guided Neurofeedback: New Brain-Based Individualized Evaluation and Treatment for Autism by James Neubrander MD, Michael Linden PhD, Jay Gunkelman QEEGD and Cynthia Kerson PhD: An overview of the science behind the process, a theoretical platform, and an outline of the benefits this treatment can offer to the many children who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and related disorders.
TherapiesNeuro BiofeedbackCommunity Library Neurobiofeedback for Autism: Case Studies, Reports, and Journal: Seven studies and articles pertaining to general information regarding the use of neurofeedback for the natural treatment of autism.
TherapiesNeuro BiofeedbackCommunity Library Review Papers and Studies by Several Researchers Including Dr. Seigfried Othmer and Susan Othmer: Summary of the development of neurofeedback for the autism spectrum and guidance to both therapists and parents with regard to the choices open to them.
TherapiesNeuro BiofeedbackCommunity Library NeuroFeedback for Autism: This article addresses how neurofeedback intervention may improve the symptoms of autism.