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TherapiesVision TherapyCommunity Library Success with Learning Disabilities: Autism Spectrum Disorders and Eyesight: Success stories from parents that used vision therapy for their children on the autism spectrum.
TherapiesVision TherapyCommunity Library Vision Therapy for ASD: Interview with Melvin Kaplan, O.D. regarding vision therapy for children with autism.
TherapiesVision TherapyCommunity Library Age of Autism: Optometry’s Role in Autism Spectrum Disorders by Randy Schulman MS, OD: Dr. Schulman outlines the presentation of vision problems in ASD and the role that vision therapy plays in positive outcomes.
TherapiesVision TherapyCommunity Library Autism Research Institute: An interview with Melvin Kaplan OD – Vision Therapy for ASD: Dr. Kaplan, the grandfather of Vision Therapy, talks about the importance of Visual Management Therapy for the child with ASD. VMT is an individual program that measures, observes, develops and improves visual performance.
TherapiesVision TherapyCommunity Library How Vision Therapy Helps Reading Problems in Autism: This article describes what problems and symptoms your child may be experiencing, how vision therapy may help, and what vision skills are needed for reading, classroom and other tasks.