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TherapiesDetoxificationCommunity Library A Bio-Medical Treatment Approach to Autism Spectrum Disorder, Including Heavy Metal Detoxification by: Jaquelyn McCandless, MD: Article discusses toxins of various kinds and indicates that they may be the etiological triggers that start immune impairment.
TherapiesDetoxificationCommunity Library A Key Role for an Impaired Detoxification Mechanism in the Etiology and Severity of Autism Spectrum Disorders by Altaf Alabdali, Laila Al-Ayadhi and Afaf El-Ansary: This study confirms earlier studies that implicate toxic metal accumulation as a consequence of impaired detoxification in autism and provides insight into the etiological mechanism of autism.
TherapiesDetoxificationCommunity Library Can Autism be Cured? by Mark Hyman, MD: A case study of how Dr. Hyman recovered a young boy with autism.
TherapiesDetoxificationCommunity Library Detox and Toxicity Problems in Autism: Discusses the blood brain barrier, the importance of glutathione, liver detox, and supportive supplementation.
TherapiesDetoxificationCommunity Library Detox Part 2: Healthy ways to Support Detoxification: Tips and guidance to support detoxification, ways to reduce toxic exposure, and the importance of good gut health.
TherapiesDetoxificationCommunity Library Researchers Unsettle Science: Brain Linked To Immune System Via Previously Unknown Lymphatic Vessels — What Now?: A major discovery in the fight against neurological diseases was made by researchers who found lymphatic vessels connected to the brain that somehow managed to escape detection for decades. The idea that the brain and the immune system are somehow directly linked has been discussed ad nauseum in theory and with anecdotes, but until now, no scientists were able to find the physical link that could back up this theory.
TherapiesDetoxificationCommunity Library The use of urinary porphyrins analysis in autism, Dan Rossignol, MD: Urinary Porphyrin testing is a very accurate, non-evasive and effective way to routinely check for heavy metal intoxication. Dr. Rossignol clearly explains how to read and understand urinary porphyrin lab results for a child with autism.
TherapiesDetoxificationCommunity Library How Cleansing Plays a Major Role in Autism Recovery: Review one family’s amazing journey with Detoxification Therapy.