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TherapiesHyperbaric Oxygen TherapyCommunity Library Autism and Its Growing Hyperbaric Movement: International Hyperbarics Association, Inc. article about autism and hyperbarics.
TherapiesHyperbaric Oxygen TherapyCommunity Library Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment in Autism Spectrum Disorders: Study evaluates the safety and effectiveness of using HBOT for children with autism.
TherapiesHyperbaric Oxygen TherapyCommunity Library Can Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Help Autistic Kids?: Article discusses potential benefits of treating ASD children with HBOT.
TherapiesHyperbaric Oxygen TherapyCommunity Library Study the Effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Egyptian Autistic Children: A Clinical Trial: Article discusses the benefits of HBOT which crosses a wide range of autistic traits as: improved language, increased awareness, behavior and socialization by affecting the pathophysiological findings in autism.
TherapiesHyperbaric Oxygen TherapyCommunity Library Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may improve symptoms in autistic children, Dan Rossignol, MD: Several studies show that diminished blood flow to the brain correlates with many of the clinical features associated with autism including repetitive, self-stimulatory and stereotypical behaviors, and impairments in communication, sensory perception, and social interaction. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been used with clinical success in several cerebral hypoperfusion syndromes. Based on these findings this study (2006) shows that HBOT is an effective treatment for autistic children.
TherapiesHyperbaric Oxygen TherapyCommunity Library Hyperbaric oxygen therapy might improve certain pathophysiological findings in autism, Dan Rossignol, MD: This study purports the many effective uses of HBOT for autism. HBOT has been reported to possess anti-inflammatory properties, improve immune function, and reduce oxidative stress in addition to other benefits.