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TherapiesReflex TherapyConsumer Corner Svetlana Masgutova Educational Institute: MNRI reflex videos -- family education; MNRI dynamic and postural reflex cards and archetype movement card set.
TherapiesReflex TherapyConsumer Corner Brain Balance Centers: The Brain Balance Centers offer services for children with autism that have retained primitive reflexes and neuro sensory motor reflex issues.
TherapiesReflex TherapyConsumer Corner Move Play Thrive Brain and Sensory Development: Learn about the importance of innate reflex and rhythmic movement: Keys to Effective Sensory Processing, Speech, Learning, Physical Strength and Emotional Well Being.
TherapiesReflex TherapyConsumer Corner Reflex Therapy Course for Autism: Effective for all ages -- parents, educators and therapists are seeing profound improvements with sensory, learning, and emotional issues by using reflex therapy.