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BiomedicalSeizuresCommunity Library A Review of Traditional and Novel Treatments for Seizure in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Findings from a Systematic Review and Expert Panel: This study outlines the traditional treatment protocols with antiepileptic drugs and their effectiveness with ASD children. The study also presents all the current alternative protocols such as diet, neurobiofeedback, surgery, vagus nerve stimulator, and IVIG treatments.
BiomedicalSeizuresCommunity Library Traditional and Non-Traditional Treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder with Seizures: An On-line Survey: This survey-based method provides information regarding parental perceptions of effectiveness of the Antiepileptic drugs and alternative therapies. The information may be helpful for selecting seizure treatments for ASD.
BiomedicalSeizuresCommunity Library Metabolic and Mitochondrial Disorders Associated with Epilepsy in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: This study discusses the underlying metabolic conditions of children with ASD, the metabolic disorders commonly associated with epilepsy and the treatment of metabolic disorders in order to optimize seizure management.
BiomedicalSeizuresCommunity Library A review of traditional and novel treatments for seizures in autism spectrum disorder: findings from a systematic review and expert panel, Dan Rossignol, MD, et. al.: Despite the fact that seizures are commonly associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the effectiveness of treatments for seizures has not been well studied in individuals with ASD. This manuscript reviews both traditional and novel treatments for seizures associated with ASD. This review demonstrates the wide variety of treatments used to treat seizures in individuals with ASD as well as the striking lack of clinical trials performed to support the use of these treatments. Additional studies concerning these treatments for controlling seizures in individuals with ASD are warranted.
BiomedicalSeizuresCommunity Library Cortical Interneuron Dysfunction in Epilepsy Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders by John Jacob: This scientific paper looks at how autism and epilepsy share similar developmental pathways, and are inheritable. The connection between these conditions is thoroughly examined at the clinical, genetic and neurophysiologic levels in humans as well as animals.
BiomedicalSeizuresCommunity Library Seizures in Autism Spectrum Disorders: Dr. Richard Frye and his team explain to parents what you need to know about seizures and ASD. Discover the type, the treatment, as well as the traditional and non-traditional solutions that are available to improve your child.