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BiomedicalVirusesCommunity Library Association of Autism with Polyomavirus Infection in Post Mortem Brains by the Laboratory of Molecular Psychiatry and Neurogenetics University Campus Biomedico Rome, Italy: According to Dr. Jeff Bradstreet suspect viruses may be behind chronic inflammation in the brain seen in children with autism.
BiomedicalVirusesCommunity Library Autistic Disorder and Viral Infections (Journal of Neuro Virology): A comprehensive research article on viruses and their connection to autism.
BiomedicalVirusesCommunity Library UC Davis Researchers Find How Viral Infection Disrupts Neural Development in Offspring, Increasing Risk of Autism: How the mother’s immune system can affect the neurological outcome of a child.
BiomedicalVirusesCommunity Library Is Autism Associated with a Viral Infection? by David Kirby: Researchers tested blood samples from a "small group of children" with autism and found that 40% of them were positive for XMRV, according to a statement from the Nevada Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorders.
BiomedicalVirusesCommunity Library Scientific Links between Viral Infections and Autism: Article discusses various potential links between viral infections and autism.
BiomedicalVirusesCommunity Library Solving the Autism Puzzle – The Fatty Acid Question and “Big, Fat Neurons”! : Article discusses Dr. Patricia Kane’s view of autism as a disruption of cellular lipid metabolism. She believes the starting point for this discussion is viral in nature, and complicated by heavy metals such as lead, mercury, or cadmium, pesticides, toxic mold exposure, chemicals, Lyme disease and other infections. Each one of these environmental insults on its own, or in combination, can disrupt lipid metabolism.