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BiomedicalLow CholesterolCommunity Library Low Cholesterol, Autism and Oxytocin Receptors: Kurt Woeller DO discusses the issues of autism, low cholesterol and the oxytocin receptors. He feels addressing these issues will improve cognitive problems seen in this population.
BiomedicalLow CholesterolCommunity Library Cholesterol and Autism – Can Eggs In The Diet Save the Autistic Brain?: Can a diet with lots of eggs save the autism brain? This may be the simple tool that makes the difference in the lives of many children with autism.
BiomedicalLow CholesterolCommunity Library Autism: New Study Discovers Statistically Significant Link Between Abnormally Low Cholesterol Levels And Autism Spectrum Disorders: Dr. Elaine Tierney discusses her work at Kennedy Krieger Institute regarding children with the low cholesterol disorder called SLOS (Smith-Lemli-Opitz- Syndrome) and children with autism.
BiomedicalLow CholesterolCommunity Library Foods High in Cholesterol Could Save Your Health!: Article discusses the effects of foods high in cholesterol.
BiomedicalLow CholesterolCommunity Library Why Low Cholesterol is not Good for You: Dr. Mercola talks about how cholesterol is needed to produce cell membranes, hormones, Vitamin D and bile acids to help digest fats. Cholesterol is crucial in the formation of memories and vital for neurological functioning.