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BiomedicalLeaky GutCommunity Library Gastrointestinal Conditions in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Developing a Research Agenda (Journal of American Academy of Pediatrics): This publication discusses the sources of the GI condition, the underlying biology of the GI dysfunction in ASD, treatment protocol, function, research and footnotes.
BiomedicalLeaky GutCommunity Library Gastrointestinal Illness in Autism: An interview with Dr. Timothy Buie which he discusses the prevalent gastrointestinal problems with children with autism, common symptoms, historical information and his approach to healing.
BiomedicalLeaky GutCommunity Library Autism, the Importance of the Gut by Danielle Elliot: Behavioral problems may be explained by serotonin and bacteria in the bowels. The article is about the plight of a young New York City boy with autism and the connection to his GI tract.
BiomedicalLeaky GutCommunity Library Gut Flora May Offer Clues about Autism by Joseph Mercola MD: Dr. Mercola talks about the latest research and information regarding the status of the gastrointestinal tract in children with autism. He outlines the importance of healthy gut flora and makes suggestions on tips for autism prevention and treatment.
BiomedicalLeaky GutCommunity Library The Gut Microbiome: A New Frontier in Autism Research by Jennifer G. Mulle, William G. Sharp, and Joseph F. Cubells: The article reviews the emerging data on the human gut microbiome and the interaction of the microbiome and autism spectrum disorders.