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BiomedicalAllergiesCommunity Library The Allergy and Autism Overlap: The article gives a cross section of information on the history on autism and the connection to the rising rates of food allergies and chemical sensitivities. The article explains in detail the relationship between the gastrointestinal tract and brain functioning – gut/brain axis.
BiomedicalAllergiesCommunity Library Better Health USA: Food Allergy Testing for ADHD and Autism by Louis B Cady MD: Dr. Cady a Child, Adolescent, Adult & Forensic Psychiatrist, gives a very comprehensive explanation of the science and research behind the food allergy testing for children on the autism spectrum. She also correlates the link between the child’s symptoms and the child’s reactions to the toxic food they are ingesting possibly every day.
BiomedicalAllergiesCommunity Library Improving Communication Skills in Children with Allergy-related Autism using Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques: A Pilot Study: A study of 56 children with autism: 26 were treated with NAET and 30 were in the control group who completed the study. After one year, the children receiving the NAET treatments demonstrated significant improvements in performance as compared with the control group. The improvement was determined by the Autism Research Institute – ATEC (Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist).
BiomedicalAllergiesCommunity Library Allergies and Autism: What Can your Child Eat – Huffington Post: The article is focuses on how to transition your child from harmful food to which they are addicted and incorporate healthy food solutions. Dr. Kenneth Boch is mentioned as a forerunner in treating children on the autism spectrum with overwhelmed immune systems due to an impaired GI tract, increased presence of microbes, Candida, toxins, food sensitivities and intolerances. Dr. Boch also links the gut issues to issues of focus and concentration.
BiomedicalAllergiesCommunity Library Immunodeficiency, Gastrointestinal Candidiasis, Wheat and Dairy Sensitivity, Abnormal Urine Arabinose, and Autism: A Case Study: William Shaw, PhD, of the Great Plains Lab, discusses immunodeficiency as well as wheat and dairy sensitivities as they relate to autism.