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BiomedicalADHDConsumer Corner Strategies and Support for ADHD and LD: This site offers some specific websites that provide products which soothe the senses for kids and teens with ADHD. Weighted vests, deep pressure sensory rolling pin, and compression shirts have all been found to provide comfort to sensory-seeking kids.
BiomedicalADHDConsumer Corner Child Therapy Toys: ADHD/AUTISM Management Tools: This site offers a wide variety of ADHD management tools such as games, toys, furniture, art materials, assessment instruments and much more for teachers and parents.
BiomedicalADHDConsumer Corner Healthline: 2016 Winners for Best ADHD APPS: This site provides some great APPS to help manage and complete tasks; develop organizational skills; notify about important meetings, projects, or homework deadlines; and help stay on focus.