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EducationOccupational TherapyConsumer Corner Personalized Therapy, LLC: Personalized Therapy is an outpatient Rehabilitation Treatment Center, providing services to children and adults throughout Maryland.
EducationOccupational TherapyConsumer Corner Therapy Shoppe: A specialty shop containing numerous occupational therapy supplies as well as other items to aid parents, teachers, and therapists.
EducationOccupational TherapyConsumer Corner National Autism Resources: Variety of Sensory Integration tools, OT supplies, and equipment to help all demographics of people with Autism, Aspergers, and special needs.
EducationOccupational TherapyConsumer Corner Therapro: Provides unique speech and occupational therapy supplies for preventive, developmental, and rehabilitative care.
EducationOccupational TherapyConsumer Corner Mosaic Weighted Blankets: Mosaic weighted blankets are a great sensory tool for ASD children. Parents find the blankets to be helpful for sleep disturbances, deep pressure stimulation, calming, comfort and security. The deep pressure stimulates serotonin which is a known neurotransmitter affecting sleep, mood, appetite, learning and memory.
EducationOccupational TherapyConsumer Corner Sense-Ability Therapy: Sense-Ability is a center which provides sensory integration therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy for children with autism spectrum disorders. They pride themselves in offering individual care to all their clients.
EducationOccupational TherapyConsumer Corner Sensory Processing Disorder Infographic: This infographic is an excellent explanation of what SPD is all about. The illustration shows the in-put and out-put of the senses, the hypo and hyper reactive nervous system, the signs and solutions and much more about the disorder.
EducationOccupational TherapyConsumer Corner TFH Special Needs Toys: For over 25 years, TFH has been manufacturing and distributing sensory-based educational and therapeutic products to enhance the quality of life and aid in the development of children and adults with special needs.