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Daily LivingSafetyCommunity Library Surviving the Wandering Nightmare: An article written by a police officer who is also a father of a child with autism detailing the correct steps to take if your child wanders off.
Daily LivingSafetyCommunity Library Study Confirms: Autism Wandering Common & Scary: An article detailing a study concerning autism wandering affecting nearly 50 percent of autism families.
Daily LivingSafetyCommunity Library Autism Risk Management: Autism training and resources for law enforcement, emergency first responders, parents, educators, care providers and the autism community.
Daily LivingSafetyCommunity Library The Wallet Card Project: The wallet card allows police officers to better communicate with people with ASD. It’s a free personalized identification card for teenagers and adults who have ASD and is designed to help them communicate with officers or first responders about their disability and some of the challenges they face.
Daily LivingSafetyCommunity Library Police Interaction and Autism: Building Positive Relationships: Read how Florida police are learning about taking action to protect and defend our children and young adults with autism.