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Daily LivingReducing StressorsCommunity Library Mind, Disrupted: How Toxic Chemicals May Change How We Think and Who We Are. Endocrine - Disrupting Chemicals: This article explains how exposure to even very small doses of “endocrine disruptors” can wreak subtle or serious havoc with the human endocrine system, which is remarkably sensitive.
Daily LivingReducing StressorsCommunity Library Epigenetic Findings in Autism: New Perspectives for Therapy by Dario Siniscalco, Alessandra Cirillo, James Jeffrey Bradstreet, Nicola Antonuuci: This study looks at the accumulating evidence that points to the involvement of epigenetic modifications as the foundation in creating the ASD pathology. The alteration in gene expression results from the influences of environmental factors.
Daily LivingReducing StressorsCommunity Library Findings in ASD Consistent With Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Radiofrequency Radiation (RFR) Martha Herbert PhD, MD: Dr. Herbert reviews the possible links between ASD and EMF and RFR over the past two decades (ref. Section 20 of the Table of Contents).
Daily LivingReducing StressorsCommunity Library Creating an Optimum Home Environment for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (Growing Minds Autism Programs) by Steven R. Wertz: This article explains how to modify your home and reduce the stressors in your living environment to help your autism spectrum child.
Daily LivingReducing StressorsCommunity Library Autism Takes Flight: Video about flying with children with autism.
Daily LivingReducing StressorsCommunity Library Which Food Additives Make Children Behave Badly?: The article discusses disruptive behaviors your child might exhibit from eating foods with colorings and preservatives.The article also provides a list of food additives, dyes and preservatives that parents need to watch out for when buying food for their children.