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Daily LivingSchool PlanningCommunity Library Understanding Individualized Education Programs: This article explains what an IEP is and what it entails for goals, and how it can help for school planning for parents, teachers, and your child.
Daily LivingSchool PlanningCommunity Library Homeschooling: Making the Decision: When thinking about educating your child, Homeschooling may need to be a consideration. This article points out positive and negative factors about choosing Homeschooling and what to consider.
Daily LivingSchool PlanningCommunity Library Recognized Schools for Children with Autism: This site provides an extensive list of the best recognized schools for autism in every state within the United States.
Daily LivingSchool PlanningCommunity Library Tools and Accommodations to Support Your Students with Autism: This site provides a wide range of behavioral support materials and common tools for the classroom to help with the developmental academic programs for autism.