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Daily LivingJobsCommunity Library Choosing the Right Job for People with Autism or Asperger's Syndrome: This article lists jobs that adults with Autism perform well at and jobs that are hard for people with Autism depending on the personality of the person looking for a job (High Functioning, Visual and Non-visual Thinkers, Nonverbal skills).
Daily LivingJobsCommunity Library Employment: This article depicts the services as well as steps to help parents find employment for their children with special needs.
Daily LivingJobsCommunity Library Best Tech Jobs for Autism: Article on what types of jobs are best suited to individuals on the autism spectrum, especially those with an interest in technology.
Daily LivingJobsCommunity Library Entrepreneurship Solves Autism Employment Crisis: There are many parents whose young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders have aged out of the school district and rather than facing a bleak future are creating their own microenterprises and hiring local young adults with autism.
Daily LivingJobsCommunity Library Ford to Launch Program Aimed at Hiring People on the Autism Spectrum: Ford Motor Company, in partnership with the Autism Alliance of Michigan, is launching a program designed to help people on the autism spectrum gain on-the-job work experience with Ford. The program, called FordInclusiveWorks, is set to launch on June 1, 2016, and will match people with roles in Ford’s product development division.
Daily LivingJobsCommunity Library Microsoft Hiring Program Opens More Doors to People with Autism: This Microsoft article tells the story of a young developer with Asperger’s plight to get a job. The young man also describes his experience working.
Daily LivingJobsCommunity Library The Employment Sectors that are Perfect for Individuals with Autism: This blog talks about the five sectors of possible perfect employment for young adults with autism: technology, food service, arts, large retail corporations and small businesses.
Daily LivingJobsCommunity Library Work in Progress: An Inside Look at Autism's Job Boom: Company initiatives are aiming to hire people with autism, but finding and keeping work is still a struggle for those on the spectrum. A great article outlining the current situation for jobs in the autism community.
Daily LivingJobsCommunity Library How Phoenix Became the Most Autism-Friendly City in the World: This is a story of a young man with autism and his life from a young child until adulthood. How his family started a Biscotti business in Phoenix, Arizona, and how the community is providing for young adults with autism.
Daily LivingJobsCommunity Library You're Autistic. You Know You Can Do a Good Job, But Will Employers Listen?: This article has stories about young adults with autism who are trying to navigate the working world and make a life for themselves.
Daily LivingJobsCommunity Library Disability in Demand: People With Autism Offer Employers a Broader Talent Pool: A new innovative way of hiring for autism!! Specialisterne is a Danish company that is globally helping employers tap into hidden autistic talent. Specialisterne puts candidates for CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) jobs through a unique way of assessing their strengths, not with the regular job interview process, but by giving them a task to build robots. This has put a portion of the autism population in demand...Disability in demand.
Daily LivingJobsCommunity Library More Jobs, More Business: IT Firm Expands Autism Hiring: Computer Aid is dedicating human resource staff to recruit, train and provide appropriate working environments for people on the autism spectrum to work in software testing, data quality assurance, business operations, data mining and data entry job. Some employees might be good at repetitive tasks such as document scanning; others with strong math skills can be excellent at data mining. This company CAI intends to continue their program next year hiring 70 more autism employees.