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Daily LivingLegalConsumer Corner Autism, Discrimination, and the Law: A Quick Guide for Parents, Educators and Employers Kindle Edition by James Graham: This book primarily focuses on legislation changes regarding the discrimination of people with disabilities. In addition, educational and employment case studies showing moderate adaptations are provided.
Daily LivingLegalConsumer Corner Special Needs and Legal Entitlement: The Essential Guide to Getting out of the Maze by John Friel and Melinda Nettleton: A handbook that thoroughly discusses the legal rights of children as well as young people with disabilities. Detailing the most current information, the guide is a valuable reference for parents of children with special educational needs.
Daily LivingLegalConsumer Corner Special Education Legal and Education Consultants: This site provides a listing of US and International Special Education Legal and Advocacy Services as well as Education Consultants.
Daily LivingLegalConsumer Corner AUT2Help Autism App: This link leads to an app that can be downloaded. It covers multiple topics of interest including attorneys for special needs individuals.