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Daily LivingSafetyConsumer Corner Seat Belt Buckle Guard by eSpecial Needs: Prevents children from unbuckling their seat belt while in the car. Works on most cars.
Daily LivingSafetyConsumer Corner Wireless Child Tracking Device: This device, by LUTECHSLLC, closely monitors/tracks two devices' safe distance/range/proximity and ambient temperature to give early warnings of wanderings or unexpected separation.
Daily LivingSafetyConsumer Corner Door Knob Lock: KidCo’s Door Knob Lock prevents toddlers from opening doors with potentially dangerous items inside. With the unique side pinch-grip design, you can twist the doorknob, but your child can't. This white safety lock fits all standard style doorknobs.
Daily LivingSafetyConsumer Corner GPS Tracker from TekSpree: Helps to locate children with autism.
Daily LivingSafetyConsumer Corner GPS Tracker from AngelSense: This product is a small wearable GPS unit for clothing.
Daily LivingSafetyConsumer Corner GPS Tracker Watch: This link was provided via the National Autism Association. A wristwatch incorporating a locator with lockable strap, a portable receiver, a strap release key, a charger base, a USA power adapter and a quick-start guide.
Daily LivingSafetyConsumer Corner Precise Innovation: This company sells GPS tracking devices for special needs children.
Daily LivingSafetyConsumer Corner ElectroFlip: This company sells GPS tracking devices for children with Autism and adults with Alzheimer’s.
Daily LivingSafetyConsumer Corner If I Need Help: Non-profit organization that offers identification products to help special needs persons.
Daily LivingSafetyConsumer Corner Safe Tracks GPS Triloc: This is a mobile personal GPS locator. TRiLOC™ is the only watch-like device to include advanced 3G/4G cellular technologies for rapid alerting and accurate GPS locating to within 10 ft (3m) making sure your child with autism is safe.