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DietFeingold DietCommunity Library Do Diet Changes help ADHD Children?: This article printed in the Chicago Tribune explores the question about eliminating food additives, dyes and chemicals from our ADHD children’s diet and seeing the changes in behaviors.
DietFeingold DietCommunity Library ADHD Diet Study Suggests Healthy Eating Might Help Kids: CBS news posed the question: Do diets that claim to reduce symptoms of ADHD in kids actually work? A new review of ADHD diets by pediatric researchers suggests healthy eating could actually help kids reduce their ADHD symptoms.
DietFeingold DietCommunity Library Diet and Child Behavior Problems: Fact or Fiction: This article, printed in Medscape News and Perspective magazine, was written by Eileen Cormier PhD, RN, outlining various diets including the Feingold Diet and their possible outcomes relating to child behavioral problems.