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DietLow Oxalate DietConsumer Corner The Low Oxalate Diet Store: An online store with a variety of low oxalate food, which includes the oxalate value next to the foods.
DietLow Oxalate DietConsumer Corner ioxilate (in Apple iTunes): In this app, foods are categorized according to the oxalate content.
DietLow Oxalate DietConsumer Corner Great Plains Laboratory Oxalate Control is a Major New Factor in Autism Therapy: Great Plains Laboratory discusses autism and oxalates and the Organic Acids Test (OAT) as the best way to test for oxalates in a child diagnosed ASD.
DietLow Oxalate DietConsumer Corner Low Oxalate Diet Store: A low oxalate diet can benefit those with autism. This online store offers many low oxalate and gluten free foods to choose from that can be purchased in bulk.