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Who We Are

The Autism Exchange (AEX) is an interactive website built by parents of children with autism to take the frustration out of time-consuming internet searches.
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How The AEX Works

Our custom software organizes, standardizes, and randomly displays all AEX information which makes it easy to search and saves you lots of time.
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What We Provide

The AEX provides a wide variety of free information to save autism caregivers time. We also offer a membership in our AEX Discount Club to save autism caregivers money.
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The Autism Exchange (AEX) is designed to be a fast, user friendly website that takes the frustration out of internet searches for autism caregivers. Our Mission is to connect autism caregivers with the information, products, and services they need to support their child to the fullest, without wasting valuable time searching the internet. Our slogan is “Sharing Info Saving Time”.  We provide the capability for everyone to share information, which in turn helps all autism parents and practitioners save time. The AEX is designed to put autism related information at your fingertips including: special autism diets (i.e., GFCF), autism education needs (i.e., ABA), biomedical information (i.e., allergies), autism therapies (i.e., detoxification), and daily living information such as autism jobs, housing, and autism safety.

Our unique custom software organizes and standardizes all AEX information which makes it easy to search and saves you lots of time. We have well over a 1,000 data streams on the site with many more on the way. If you have information to share with our site, please use our Exchange Box tool. It provides a simple and fast way to share information with all AEX users. If you can't find what you are looking for, then you can Contact Us and request to have information you feel is important put on The AEX.

The AEX offers a free Newsletter with monthly articles covering important autism related information including: autism diets, autism therapies, autism education, and more. In addition, The AEX offers an optional membership service which includes exciting interactive tools, discount coupons, and toolkit deals, all designed to save you time and money. Join now and start saving today.